How Do I Get Free Points?
Simple, you just refer people from the settings or free points menu.
I am trying to withdraw skins but it says "Sorry, you can only withdraw once you have DEPOSITED ITEMS and gambled them of at least 100 points!"?
You have to deposit items to make a total value of at least 100 points to make your totalpoints spent count! Otherwise you will never be able to withdraw items!
I tried to withdraw again after depositing 100pts and now its saying "You have only spent 100 Points, You need to win or deposit the amount this is worth! (This excludes free points ONLY IF you have not deposited and used 100 points.)"?
This means that you have not have not won or gone through the amount of points the skin is worth! If you put in 100pts after you won hundreds freeloading this won't count towards the withdrawal. You will have to put these points back through to the price of the item x2!
I tried to deposit/withdraw and nothing happened?
There might be an issue with your profile or the bot has some issues. Rest assured if you withdrew an item you will get it!